LBU React Course Search Component

The idea for the course search component originally came from the idea i had for the screens, the idea was to take the simplicity of the screens search and make it a component that could be used site wide. My thinking for the component was that it would allow you to search for a course from the homepage of a microsite instead of the old user journey of landing on a microsite and then being diverted to the online prospectus. The ability to keep users on the microsite but also allow them to browse the courses the university massively improved the various microsites usage stats.

The first time the component was used it was for the clearing site in 2018, it was a great success and has been a main part of the universities clearing site ever since. We added buttons to each course item to try and encourage users to apply for a course via ucas or via the chatbot.

Screenshots of course search component on the clearing microsite:

Clearing Course Search 1 Clearing Course Search 2 Clearing Course Search 3 Clearing Course Search 4

When covid hit, the university had to start running online open days and applicant days. Following the success of the course search component on the clearing site it was decided that the search component would be the main feature of the open day sites. We added functionality to home course videos, open day talk videos and open day chats hosted using unibuddy.

Screenshots of course search component on the virtual experience microsite:

Course Search 1 Course Search 2 Course Search 3 Course Search 4

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