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Following the success of the Chatbot I was given a side project to look into bringing the Chatbots functionality into Amazon's cloud based voice service. I created a demo version of an Alexa skill using node.js and Amazons Lambda functions. The demo skill allowed a user to search for a course using a subject and the Alexa skill would return the most popular 5 courses for that subject.

I was given the approval to start building an official LBU course search Alexa skill and with the help of my Senior developer we managed to get the Alexa skill to talk to the same course feed the chatbot uses. This means that a user can search for a course using UCAS code, course title or subject. The skill also asks for a users UCAS points, UCAS ID and first name which is saved in an Amazon DynamoDB, so that we can store these points and send them off to our admissions team should a user meet the requirements for the course and accept any offer given by the skill.

If you'd like to give the skill a go, please download it from here.

Here are some example videos:

Search using a subject

Search using a UCAS code

Search using a UCAS code but I don't have enough UCAS points

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